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Prestige Auto in Manhattan Body shop is the one stop shop that attends to all the body needs of your car. When last did you give your car a renewed look, when last did you run your fingers on the hood, feeling the smoothness of the curves? At Prestige Auto, we possess the skills, technical know-how and man power required to execute the Job.

Our dedication and commitment to quality is the driving force that brings out the craftsmanship when you are dealing with our team.

At Body Shop Manhattan, we offer services that are suited for your needs. If your repairs involves an insurance claim, we will help you with the details and all required paper work, coordinating with your insurance company, detailing the repairs to your specifications. For our clients who are making payments themselves, we are even more careful and conscious of the fact that it’s a big deal. Your request is carefully planned to ensure we save you money in the long run.

Let us walk you through the meticulous process we follow when it comes to repairing the body of your car.

When a client comes in for a body repair, we perform a comprehensive assessment, deciding whether there is need for repairs or a complete replacement of the damaged part depending on your preference. However, we will offer expert advice, presenting to you all available options.

At Prestige Auto, we offer price levels when it comes to replacement. OEM is always the best as it provides the perfect match for your vehicle, however, the price could be prohibitive, so we could opt for aftermarket or recycled parts. It’s cost effective and we do not compromise safety standards. These methods provides the flexibility and confidence you need to proceed.

In some cases, just a little touch-ups here and there can make a huge difference. We will identify the areas that need to be painted, ensuring that the adjacent panels are cleaned and protected to give a flawless surface paint job. Multiple masking techniques are then used to ensure accurate blending, transforming the paint job to an excellent finish.

At Prestige Auto, Commitment means that we will never allow imperfection stand in the way between us. Our quality jobs is a product of our procedures which is born of our dedication and attention to details. The areas in need of repairs are carefully buffed with liquid compound and then smoothened out. Then onto a critical step, the polishing, restoring the shine, giving you that outstanding looks. With our finishing process, your car will be nothing less than awesome.

Please contact us at (212)722-7223 so we can attend to your needs.

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