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In the instant of time, a wind shield can get broken, posing serious safety concerns. At such times, Prestige Auto  is the brand you can rely on as our experienced technicians are on hand to deliver results that exceeds your expectations. Possessing the right qualifications from recognised certification institutes, we place above all the satisfaction of our clients as we uphold this culture throughout our organisation.

At Auto Glass, our clients stand to benefit the following from us:

  • Same day service delivery (In Most Cases)
  • Convenient Locations
  • Mobile Services
  • Handling All paper Work
  • Due Diligence

At Prestige Auto, we fix all types of glasses, be it the wind shield or the side window, a little crack or a huge damage, we are confident that we can fix it.

Wind Shield

At Auto Glass Repair NYC, our trained experts has what it takes to get your wind shield fixed. In fact, we repair over 5000 windshields annually. Although we are here to help always, a repair may not be the right solution for everyone. Here are some pointers that shows you are eligible for a repair:

  • There are three or less chips.
  • The damage is not directly in your line of sight
  • It is not damaged on the edge
  • Can be fixed under a dollar bill.

Why Repair A Cracked Windshield?

  • Repairing a cracked wind shield is cheap and affordable, however, this depends on your insurance coverage.
  • Small chips on your windshield, if left unattended can get worse, leading to the replacement of the entire windshield
  • Repairing damaged windshields is fast and not time consuming, in most cases, less than an hour.
  • At Prestige Auto NYC, we use only the best material. Quality is our watch word and customer satisfaction, our ultimate goal.

Side Window Replacement

Driving with a damaged side window could be difficult especially when you are in a bad weather. Such damage needs to be fixed as soon as possible. As inconveniencing as this may seem, Prestige Auto makes the whole process as easy as possible. We achieve this in a few steps:

  • We Carefully inspect the damage.
  • Remove the door mat.
  • Vacuum the door panel to remove any debris
  • Remove the glass and insert a new one
  • Test for functionality
  • Replace the door mat and clean the vehicle.

You may ask, why should I entrust my priced vehicle to Prestige Auto NYC? Before patronizing the services of any company, there are certain things that must be taken into consideration, this is what is referred to as the Prestige Auto NYC Advantage. This is what you benefit when you work with us.

  • Prestige Auto NYC is always there for our clients all round the clock.
  • When you work with us, you have peace of mind as there is nothing to worry about as our experts have just what it takes to restore your glass.
  • At Prestige Auto NYC, we make use of the best technology to ensure precision in positioning and reliability of seals.
  • Our methods are proven, our adhesive materials penetrates the cracks, stays longer, healing your windshield, making them very strong again.

Please contact us at (212)722-7223 so we can attend to your needs.


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